Gratitude writing :D

I am grateful for being alive because I get to see wonderful things. I am grateful for having the gift for being good at sports. (Volleyball,rugby,basketball and cricket)

Secondly I am grateful for having friends because they are supportive they give me joy and make me laugh they are always there through thick and thin.

Last but not least I am grateful for having family because they make me yummy food, they love me and they put a roof under my head I love my family because they are supportive.

Why having lock down drills are important

Why having school drills are important

One reason why it’s important for schools to have Lockdowns drills, is because you are keeping yourself ready and safe, the students have been educated to lay flat down and stay silent. Keeping yourself and your peers safe.


Another reason is that you might have a massive fear of scary mysterious things and you will definitely. freeze and do not know what to do. That is why this school is here for us and our safety is their number one priority. And that is why we have to have lock down drills

Against Zoos!!!

  • I believe that zoos are abusive and selfish.
  • Because animals in zoos are killed for many reasons, such as old age or disease, just as pet animals are often euthanized because of health problems, it is beyond the scope of this list to identify every case where an animal is killed in a zoo.


Co2 Investigation

It was very exciting because i have never new what Co2 was Till now. and i found out how oxygen is made Example: The trees breath in carbon dioxide and breaths out oxygen. Trees are like us but we breath oxygen and breath out oxygen.