Things about Axolotls


Axolotls are endangered species and Axolotls are Amphibians. Amphibians have gills when they are young and when they are adults they lose their gills and they develop Lungs. Axolotls have teeth. These species are native to Mexico in Lake Chalco and were discovered in the 13th century.


Axolotls are known to have short legs, very long tails and feathery gills. They are known to have cylindrical shaped bodies. And Beaded Eyes and you can Also see their ribs from outside


Axolotls eat Worms, Small Fish and about anything that can fit in their mouth from the ocean.

Interesting Facts

Axolotls Can Regenerate lost organs and also Limbs. They are Critically Endangered. The Blue Axolotl has 0.83% of being Found

An axolotl can regenerate their front brain

Did you know that axolotls can live up to 10-15 years

Axolotl means waterdog

Their name comes from the aztec mythology

Axolotls are rarely white or pink

The feathers on their head is actually their gills

They are found in 1 place

You can eat axolotls

Axolotls actually inspired mexico cities official emojis

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