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SLJ activity!!

This is the Task below:

My Hero:

If you cant read it:

TONGAN superhero – Moʻungaʻi tangata Tonga


Malakai Ngeli


World the live in:

Tonga, Tu’anekivale


Family Connection: 

Father (Fatherless), Mother (Motherless), Grandma (Dads Mother), Grandpa (Dads dad), Uncles (Dads Brothers).



Running (Extremely fast), Walking (Extremely fast), swimming(Extremely fast), Jumping (super jump)



Fijian Nesian Mr Raj, Grumpy Taniela, Jing yang Yin yang, Uga Buuga


Friends / Side kick:

None.. he stands alone (because people irritate him)



Super strength, super speed, super jump Telekinesis Bullet proof, Power steal, Tail, Can summon his own vines from anywhere.



His hands, Tail


Challenges they face:



Island Breeze Performance!

Today, Friday 27th of October a small group of performers visited Glen Taylor school and swept our attention with their exotic dancing! they did dances such as Cook Island, Samoan and Hawaiian, they even had their own band playing extraordinary beats as well. It made us feel proud of our culture, also Mr Rudy making us laugh from his jokes, even showing us how successful we kids can be at a young age. showing his story as a kid detailing us letting us picture it in our mind with his actions.


Today, Monday October 16th 2023 Team Tui went to the hall for Maths activities and others such as playing cards, bottle flipping, and Dice numbers adding up to 50. For the Probability for failure and success my favorite was the bottle flipping because I got 10 in a row with my perfect technique. The most challenging one was the dice one because I kept rolling one.

Maths L4 Statistics

Tuesday morning Team Tui were working on math. My group wasn’t assigned with teacher so we had options to do. Options such as Ixl, ect, We learnt more and more about graphs and how different they are compared to others. This Ixl lesson taught me a lot like multiplications and so much more. This task lasted nearly the whole math lesson cause i didn’t understand it at first, but things got more and more understandable towards the end. I am looking forward to doing more learning like this in the future.



It was an exceptionally fun day on Thursday, It was nice to see everyone having fun and enjoying the day with Glen Taylor School was smiling while people were struggling with me and Amanakis word search. And scavenger hunt it was even worth the stress, problems and the money (which was 15 dollars), leaving my own station was really hard for me too. Because all of the stations were very interesting and fun! Our very first customer in the word search was Amanakis mother, even finishing it in under 45 seconds Mason tried doing our scavenger hunt but gave up. And then he got back again.