Things about Axolotls


Axolotls are endangered species and Axolotls are Amphibians. Amphibians have gills when they are young and when they are adults they lose their gills and they develop Lungs. Axolotls have teeth. These species are native to Mexico in Lake Chalco and were discovered in the 13th century.


Axolotls are known to have short legs, very long tails and feathery gills. They are known to have cylindrical shaped bodies. And Beaded Eyes and you can Also see their ribs from outside


Axolotls eat Worms, Small Fish and about anything that can fit in their mouth from the ocean.

Interesting Facts

Axolotls Can Regenerate lost organs and also Limbs. They are Critically Endangered. The Blue Axolotl has 0.83% of being Found

An axolotl can regenerate their front brain

Did you know that axolotls can live up to 10-15 years

Axolotl means waterdog

Their name comes from the aztec mythology

Axolotls are rarely white or pink

The feathers on their head is actually their gills

They are found in 1 place

You can eat axolotls

Axolotls actually inspired mexico cities official emojis

Matariki Poem

So Team tui did a poem about Matariki and we had to do 4 senses and 4 Of Matarikis sisters If you cant really see it I put the poems here

Have you ever felt Matariki? Of Course you have!

Have you ever felt the gentle breeze outside while looking at the stars breathing then rolling down the grass while gasping for air and your brother was laughing at you because you couldn’t stop rolling for 10 seconds because the wind kept pushing you while there was grass in your mouth? Then your grandma is calling dinners ready!

that was Ururangi

Have you ever Smelt Matariki? 

Sure you have!

Remember while going inside you smell that yummy homemade family tradition. We added fried chicken, potatoes, cassava and kina and everyone played some board games before dinner. My favorite was monopoly because my family is very competitive. My brother said he will go to the “toilet” but he was actually eating on the kina. I knew he was because I smelt the yummy salty kina right away.

That was Waita

Have you ever tasted matariki? Sure you have!

Have you ever eaten your grandma’s cooking, savoring the chicken with the crisp on the outside, with a flavorful crust and potatoes making you want to eat yourself to sleep? And you wake up while everyone is watching an action movie. Your still getting up from the couch to the kitchen because you slept before you can eat your second chicken and potato combo

That was Tupu a Nuku

Have you ever seen Matariki? Certainly!

Do you ever just go back outside and lay down on the grass and look at the tree after having a good feed staring at the stars for a good minute or two? Trying to see your future as an NBA star coming back to New Zealand for Matariki the Maori new year doing the same thing over and over again. Seeing the same bright and glowing stars

THat was tupu a rangi


What I look for In Good friends

Good Friends!

Intro what I look for in a good friend is Loyalty, Support and Honesty


Firstly Having a Loyal friend would mean that they would be a friend that is trustworthy. Also honoring your ideas from the start, who never forgets any of your working shifts, Dreams and birthdays. For most people, a loyal friend is special, Requiring a loyal friend is to be loyal back to that person.


Secondly Obtaining a Supportive friend means that they would look out for you when you’re sad. And make you laugh to make you feel Joyful and supportive friends know every little detail about you. Even what your emotions are when you haven’t told them what you were up to.When you  fall they will always be there to pick you up, Even if the both of you are in hard times. That Supportive friend will always be there.


Thirdly, having access to an honest friend means alot because you d

on’t know that you have done anything wrong and they will be there to correct you. An honest friend tells you everything they like and don’t like about you, a key to having an honest relationship with your friend. And comments about every little thing you do. With pure honesty  

By: Joshua