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SLJ activity!!

This is the Task below:

My Hero:

If you cant read it:

TONGAN superhero – Moʻungaʻi tangata Tonga


Malakai Ngeli


World the live in:

Tonga, Tu’anekivale


Family Connection: 

Father (Fatherless), Mother (Motherless), Grandma (Dads Mother), Grandpa (Dads dad), Uncles (Dads Brothers).



Running (Extremely fast), Walking (Extremely fast), swimming(Extremely fast), Jumping (super jump)



Fijian Nesian Mr Raj, Grumpy Taniela, Jing yang Yin yang, Uga Buuga


Friends / Side kick:

None.. he stands alone (because people irritate him)



Super strength, super speed, super jump Telekinesis Bullet proof, Power steal, Tail, Can summon his own vines from anywhere.



His hands, Tail


Challenges they face:



How to Polyline

How to Polyline

Equipment you will need:


Step 1 :  any Image, it could be animated, If you want you can do any actor. that’s nonfiction or yourself 

Step 2: Place your image in google slides or google drawing its your choice.

Step 3: You will have to press this button and either click Curve Or polyline.

Try challenging yourself with a realistic image.

Now copy your image like this:

Tip: it’s easier if you trace.

By Joshua