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What I look for In Good friends

Good Friends!

Intro what I look for in a good friend is Loyalty, Support and Honesty


Firstly Having a Loyal friend would mean that they would be a friend that is trustworthy. Also honoring your ideas from the start, who never forgets any of your working shifts, Dreams and birthdays. For most people, a loyal friend is special, Requiring a loyal friend is to be loyal back to that person.


Secondly Obtaining a Supportive friend means that they would look out for you when you’re sad. And make you laugh to make you feel Joyful and supportive friends know every little detail about you. Even what your emotions are when you haven’t told them what you were up to.When you  fall they will always be there to pick you up, Even if the both of you are in hard times. That Supportive friend will always be there.


Thirdly, having access to an honest friend means alot because you d

on’t know that you have done anything wrong and they will be there to correct you. An honest friend tells you everything they like and don’t like about you, a key to having an honest relationship with your friend. And comments about every little thing you do. With pure honesty  

By: Joshua