How to Polyline

How to Polyline

Equipment you will need:


Step 1 :  any Image, it could be animated, If you want you can do any actor. that’s nonfiction or yourself 

Step 2: Place your image in google slides or google drawing its your choice.

Step 3: You will have to press this button and either click Curve Or polyline.

Try challenging yourself with a realistic image.

Now copy your image like this:

Tip: it’s easier if you trace.

By Joshua

2 thoughts on “How to Polyline

  1. Hi Joshua, I liked how you used an example while teaching us how to polyline. Keep up the good work!

  2. Ki – ora Joshua! I liked how you provided examples and tips to improve and teach us how to polyline! This must take a lot of patience and time. I really like this blog because of the information contained and written.

    Ka – Mau – Te – Wehi, Tino Pai, Ka – pai!

    – Lance

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