Anzac letter

This week Team tui and I have made a letter as if we were world war one Veterans. Here is mine

Dear Grandparents ,

I miss both of your delicate smiles, the smell of your yummy cooking. Sometimes my fingers get numb from the gun while I’m shooting. Its unpredictable what’s gonna happen out here. When I get ready to pull the trigger I feel that a person is breathing on me. I really thought I was smart but I was too dumb to see that my squad got ambushed before I even got to meet up. The stench of dead bodies – it smelt so bad that I tasted it on my tongue. Seeing the dead bodies under the water in the trenches It makes me sick to the stomach.

Despite leaving the both of you I had put a key under my desk for a house full of my money as a thank you for everything you have done for me Address: 31st Diarrhea street




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